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This category is all about the wonderful things that visitors to this country can see and do. Although Vatican City is an independent sovereign state and therefore not technically part of Italy, we have included content about it within this area, due to its historical and cultural connections.


So if you’re planning to travel to Italy anytime soon, then you’ll find some information here that may help you get the most from your experience.

Unforgettable Tuscany, Italy – Best Places to Visit

Tuscany is a region in central Italy with an area of about 23,000 square kilometres (8,900 square miles) and a population of about 3.8 million inhabitants. The regional capital is Florence. Tuscany is known for its landscapes, history, artistic legacy, and its influence on high culture. It is regarded as the birthplace of the Italian […]

A One Day Visit to Vatican City – Main Attractions

If you are in Rome then you should not miss a visit to the smallest country in the world – Vatican City. With only 1000 inhabitants, Vatican City was founded in 1929 with the signing of the Lateran Pacts, which allowed the Vatican to exist as its own sovereign state. The Papal States which had […]