Travel Austria For Breathtaking Scenery And Fascinating History

Even though it is among the more expensive destinations for travel Austria has so much going for it. Tucked away in the European Alps and bordering Switzerland, Austria is famous all over the world as a ski resort, Even so, it has also made a name for itself in the summer sports as well.

Kitzbuhel Ski Resort

The great clay court tennis player, Thomas Muster, won the French Open Grand Slam tournament back in the 1990s, as well as many other top class events, and was for a time the world’s top ranked tennis player. As a result, there was a huge surge in interest in the game and the Austrian Federation had no trouble selling tickets to those who wanted to travel Austria to the tournament at Kitzbuhel.

Though better known as a skiing and winter sports resort, Kitzbuhel has also seen the other end of the climate spectum. In fact, the temperature has been known to rise as high as 40 degrees Celsius during the summer tennis tournament, as the large crowds add to the heat from the searing austria

During the winter, Austria has so many heroes from snow and ice sports that they are too numerous to mention, but when you travel Austria this is a great destination if winter sports are your passion. In summer, the mountain resorts of Austria and Switzerland can deliver some of Europe’s finest scenery, so they are worth visiting all year round.

Austria is also the home of the famous Rogers & Hammerstein movie, The Sound of Music, which draws a regular tourist population to the quiet city of Salzburg.

Music lovers are also drawn to travel to Austria as it was the birthplace and home of two of the most influential names in the history of classical music. Franz Joseph Haydn is often regarded as the father of the string quartet and the symphony. Part of the reason for this was his association with his near-contemporary, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, a composer of even greater genius.

It’s easy to travel around Austria while you are visiting the major areas served by the country’s national rail service. Austrian rail is not cheap, but it is quick and efficient, and you can save money by using a Eurail pass if you are visiting from outside Europe. Inter city travel is very common and well supported, and there are even some smaller branch lines which allow you to see other less common parts of Austria, and some of these branch lines are even privately owned.  travel austria

The Austrian train system is normally efficient and runs very much to the timetable, and you shouldn’t expect anything less when paying top prices. If you are after a rail trip with some breathtaking scenery, going through the Austrian and Swiss Alps on an alpine train should be high on your list. The good news here is that you can save money by buying a special rail pass which covers just Austria and Switzerland, and nothing more.

Booking these passes is easy through the Internet, and you don’t need to know a word of German. These passes are excellent value for money, and the train is definitely the best option for travel Austria.

So come, let’s travel Austria and explore it together through the pages below:

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