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Southern Europe Travel Tips and Popular Destinations

There are many popular continents, but few can compare to the charm and culture of some Southern Europe travel destinations. All of the countries are within close proximity to each other, which makes travel extremely convenient. Options for sightseeing range from medieval towns, to cruising the Mediterranean sea.

Warm Mediterranean beaches, snow capped mountains, sea-food, almonds, oranges and olive oil all help to make Southern Europe special. Warm sun that shines all year long, the influence of the Mediterranean, the Greek and Roman culture, the amazing sea food, the wine, the people. Stop looking for reasons; just go.

southern europe travel
Venice, Italy

Once you’ve had your fill, historic cities beckon. Explore the pre-medieval town of Split, Croatia, visit the Colosseum in Rome, ogle art in Florence, see forts in Portugal, visit Greek ruins in Greece, and get your fill of surreal art and architecture in Barcelona. Wind-surf in Portugal, sun-bath in Spain, hike along the Italian coast or slip into a resort for the weekend. Southern Europe is at your finger tips.

Spain, Italy, the south of France and Greece make up the major bulk of what most people consider to be the southern region of Europe.

Southern Europe Travel – Best Time To Visit

Generally any time of the year is going to be good for visiting this part of Europe. The southern regions have the most appealing weather because the sun shines all year long. This part of Europe also has the southern europe travelhottest summers with temperatures peaking in July and August. Because the summer is so popular, competing with crowds of other tourists can be a challenge during those months. The popular demand also drives prices up over this period as well. So if you’re looking to visit Southern Europe at a time when the climate is mild, the crowds are thinner and prices are more reasonable, Autumn (Fall) would be my choice.

If you choose to backpack then the warmer months are also the best time for a southern Europe travel adventure. The packing is lighter since there is no winter coat and boots and everything look nicer when it is warmer. One of the best features about Europe as a whole is the extensive EuroRail and train system, which connects nearly every country to each other. There are great overnight trains that will take you from Spain straight to Italy overnight.

If you feel like making a stopover in the South of France that is another great possibility. Boats run frequently from Italy to Greece as well as trains, although later, takes a bit longer. There are many cultures to visit and places to explore. Backpacking Southern Europe might just be one of the coolest things you ever do.

southern europe travel
Secret Beach – Italy

Southern Europe Travel Attractions

There is no shortage of attractions in this region of Europe. Here is a sample of some of the offerings. Let’s imagine you’re in Malaga, Spain and you decide to take a look through the Gibralfaro Castle. It was built in the 14th century and has two towers.

Or you might visit beautiful Sorrento in Italy, which offers small town charm and a stunning view of the Bay of Naples. The summit of the peninsula is a popular sight to see and is only 5 Km from the Isle of Capri.

Or perhaps Barcelona, Spain might be your preferred attraction? This city is home to one of the most famous buildings in the world. The La Sagrada Familia church is a major tourist attraction, which was built by Barcelona’s most famous architect more than 100 years ago. If you’re going there, the best way to avoid the long queues is to book a bus tour or purchase tickets online.

Places to Stay in Southern Europe

Accommodations for Southern Europe travel can vary from country to country. It is up to the traveler to decide what will suit their needs. Budget options will include hostels, which are frequented by backpackers and prices can be as low as $10 per night. If you’re a wine lover, the wine hotels are another interesting option that should appeal to you. They are scattered all over the region in places such as valley of the River Douro, in Portugal and Mallorca, Spain.

Traveling in Southern Europe can be an overwhelming experience due to the abundance of cities and attractions. It is a popular getaway for millions of people who stream in during the summer months when prices for almost everything, especially accommodation, are consequently inflated, so that travelers on a budget or with young families may find their holiday experience limited.

If your heart is set on a Southern Europe travel adventure, why not book a flight and tour these wonderful countries.




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