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Rail Travel Europe – Faster And Easier Than Ever Before

When it comes to rail travel Europe has never been the most ideal place to make it all happen. Overcoming the obvious language barriers would be the first case in point, not to mention the constant need to be producing passport and visa papers to border guards and officials as you cross the many national boundaries. After that, you have the additional problem of trying to work out the optimal fares and ticket options for a journey that might take you through several countries.  rail travel europe

But here’s the good news!

European rail travel is easier now than it has ever been, although it is still not as trouble free as travel within a unified area should be.

The most dramatic change of all has come for those living in Great Britain, or those who wish to include Britain as part of their travel itinerary. That change is, of course, the Channel Tunnel, which has effectively connected Great Britain to the rest of the European continent.

Now, it is possible to travel by train from London, or any of the other major cities, to Paris and even beyond. It is no longer necessary to use a ferry or air transport to negotiate the English Channel. You can even drive your car on to a train in England, and drive it off in France.

If you are seeking fast rail travel Europe is lagging behind Japan, but parts of it are showing what can be done. Trains in northern France, which link to the Channel Tunnel, are running at the average speed for Japanese trains. The main problem with travel rail Europe style is that there is no unified body planning the entire system, and critical decisions are made in different governmental centers.  europe rail travel

The Transrapid company of Essen in Germany, for example, has produced magnetic levitating trains which can travel at 300 miles an hour.

This technology, which could revolutionize train travel in Europe, has now been established for twenty years. It is no recent innovation. To be implemented on the continent of Europe, you would need a Europe-wide agreement, and some countries are simply not going to allow this to happen. France, which has an economic stake in alternative fast heavy rail technology, is one of these. Despite the drawbacks caused by a lack of unification, European train travel works surprisingly well.

The Internet has made a great difference to the ease with which consumers are able to plan their journeys. Web pages can be translated into different languages, so virtually any rail journey in Europe can be booked in English on a website, and paid for with a credit or debit card. This ease of booking has made train Europe travel a lot more accessible to visitors, who are now able to take advantage of the discounts which can often be gained by booking well in advance. If you plan your trip well in advance, you will get the best value from train travel Europe.

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