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Luxury Train Travel in Europe – Enjoying the Perks

Luxury train travel in Europe is one way to get from one country to the next in a matter of hours, with all the great amenities you will need. From fine menu to comfortable seats, beds, and a shower- all these would make your journey feel as if you are staying in a hotel while enjoying the transforming sceneries outside. If you are touring Europe, you need to experience this first-class travel and not be content with stories from those who had. They may cost a bit, but the ride and journey will be all worth it.

Luxury Train Travel in Europe: How to Reserve Your Seat

Most luxury trains require at least a 24-hour reservation before your trip. You can do this before you even leave your home by booking online through their websites. You can also ask your travel agent to do this for you as part of your tour package. Some train companies offer discounts if you buy tickets for several destinations from them.

You can accordingly schedule your departures from each country to give you time to tour each site for several days. If you are already in the middle of your tour and suddenly decides to take a train to another destination, you can make reservations by visiting their office or website. There is also an option to ask your hotel concierge to do this for you. They know very well the train schedules and can suggest the best one to suit your needs.

Luxury Train Travel in Europe: Know the Different Trains

luxury train travel in europe
Inside the Orient Express

Venice Simplon Orient Express – It is known to be the first to offer luxury train travel in Europe, with an initial journey in 1883. Made of vintage carriages, these trains bring back nostalgia and romance to every traveler. Elegant travel, delicious gourmet foods prepared by French chefs, and on-board entertainment awaits everyone who gets on the Orient Express.

A single night trip on first class accommodation will give the guest access to a cabin suite, which is an interconnection of two cabins for added space and comfort. By dinnertime, expect a four-course meal of delectable cuisine. You can retire afterwards or stay at the bar car to enjoy a night of music matched with a glass of your favorite cocktail.

When you get back to your cabin, you will be surprised that it has transformed into a bedroom, patiently waiting for you to take its comforts. By morning, a steward will serve you breakfast in your suite, just in time to give you some moment to relax before you reach your destination. Venice Simplon Orient Express is the definition of luxury train travel in Europe.

luxury train travel in europe
Restaurant Car – Spanish Elipsos TrenHotel

Elipsos TrenHotel – This is not just a train, but a train hotel. It offers the comforts of staying in your hotel room. The only difference is it brings you to your destination while you sleep. The grand class cabin has a private bathroom, with accommodations for one or two beds, depending on the number of occupants. Expect hotel service, from wake up calls to bed preparation.

You even get your own provisions of toiletries and mineral water. Each cabin is also equipped with a security system to ensure that your journey is safe and your belongings are secured. Gourmet menu is served at the restaurant, with first class passengers given preference. For a good start the following day, top of the class breakfast will be served to you.

luxury train travel in europe
Accommodation on the Danube Express Train Hotel

Danube Express – Get on a train tour with Danube Express, one of the international private train that gives you luxury train travel in Europe. You can choose from four tours: the Transylvanian East, the Transylvanian West, the Central European, or the Istanbul to Prague.

The Central European tour, for instance, is a 4-day trip that will bring your from Budapest to Prague, with stopovers in LakeBalaton, Keszthely, Bratislava, and Cracow. That will be three nights of lavish comforts in its elegant and air-conditioned cabins, with a train manager to attend to your needs all the time. City tours in Vienna and Cracow are just some inclusions of this luxury train travel in Europe.

Enjoy vintage cabins with the convenience of modern living, such as hot water in your private bathroom, adjustable lighting, and dependable door locks. Each cabin also has a personal safe for your important belongings, as you will be disembarking everyday to see the sights. A car attendant will turn your cabin into a living room in the morning and into a cozy bedroom at night, after you enjoy a sumptuous gourmet meal in their first-class restaurant.





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