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Italy Rail Travel

Italy Rail Travel – Your Cheapest Travel Option in Italy

Italy is a beautiful country saturated in history and culture, so if your European adventure includes the land of the ancient Romans, Lombards and Papal States, Italy rail travel can not only give you a relaxed journey but it comes with an attractive price tag. You may be wanting to simply explore the countryside, or perhaps you prefer the beaches and sunshine of the south, or maybe you’re into experiencing the fine living, fashion and culture of the great northern cities? Whatever it is, your trip to Italy should end up being a most memorable experience. Italy rail travel is cheap and easy compared to other modes of transport, so it’s less practical to use internal air flights unless your itinerary is taking you from one extremity of the country to the other.

Italy Rail Travel
Ferrovia Train – Italian State Railways

Your choices of train types and services for your Italy train travel experience are varied and for you this means that the service provider can offer you the best option for each part of the journey. Most people who are traveling from one major Italian city to another don’t want to waste precious time because their train keeps stopping at too many minor railway stations along the way, so Italy’s answer to that is the Eurostar train. This Eurostar should not be confused with the Franco-British train of the same name, even though the Italians had the name first. The Eurostar is definiately your fastest Italy rail travel alternative if travelling from one city to another is your goal.

The Inter City trains service the major cities. If you’re taking a longer trip, these are a better choice and you can definitely save money by using these. If you’re prepared to risk not getting a guaranteed seat then you can try travelling second class – this way you will save the most money. But at the peak times times of day, it’s not easy to get a seat. The upside of this is, that because more passengers use the same train it keeps prices at a minimum. For the regional centres, the smaller “Regionale” trains wrap up the complete Italian rail travel network, but these run much less frequently.

Italy Rail Travel and the Eurail Pass

If you’re planning to visit other European countries as part of one trip that includes Italy, or simply taking a longer trip within the Italian Peninsular, you have another option. The Eurail pass gives you unlimited travel on the rail network throughout most of Europe for as many days as you decide upon, and if you’re a young person or senior you can also get discounts. If you are thinking about combining your Italian trip with a visit to another country, you can often pick up a pass which will just cover two countries. These are usually adjacent countries, but not necessarily. For example, you can get a Eurail Pass that covers Italy and Spain.

Visiting Italy can be a very enjoyable and memorable experience and planning your itinerary well in advance can make all the difference. Doing your homework beforehand will not only greatly enhance your knowledge of what is possible, but you will also have the opportunity to make your funds go further by choosing the most economical pricing option from several available. This applies especially to the many options available when you choose Italy rail travel.



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