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German Rail Pass

The German Rail Pass Travel One Of The Best Rail Networks In The World

Acquiring a German rail pass can prove to be extremely advantageous, as it allows you to combine a substantial financial savings with the ability to get to your destination quickly while using one of the most advanced rail transport networks on the planet. Germans have always been obsessed with the car, and are really into road transport, but their love affair with efficiency has also led them to produce a railway network which is far in advance of anything else you can find throughout most of the rest of Europe. If your European tour includes visiting several cities in Germany, you will find German railways a most useful ally. The fastest trains run on these lines.

The German rail pass will allow you full use of their network, which means there is no restriction on using these faster trains. If you prefer to travel with a guaranteed seat allocation, you will have to purchase a first class ticket. This is the best option if you can afford it, and in first class the seats are extremely comfortable and the ride very smooth. If you don’t want to watch the outside world go by, you have the choice of just sitting back and relaxing with your headphones on, or if you prefer, you can watch a DVD or use your laptop. Either way, you will find the smoothness of the journey makes any of those options a pleasure.

German Ice Train

But if you can’t afford a first class German Rail Pass, the second class option still gives you exceptional travel, and it’s quite probable that you will still get a good seat. The second class seats are not as good as those in the first class carriages, but they are still well in advance of most of the seating found on trains in other countries. The fact that Inter City German railways have been designed for speed also means that if you experience the inconvenience of having to stand, it will affect you for far less time than if you were using a slower train.

You will find trains within Germany which are not in the same class as the Inter City Railways – but these are only on the less popular routes away from the major cities. Even so, these less advanced German trains are still on a par with the best trains anyone will find on the rest of the European network. In fact, many of them link in to the major cities in neighboring countries. But the German Railway Pass is a “one stop shop” that gives you the right to use them all. It is easy to include some interesting side trips in your tour of Germany, especially if you have done your homework in advance.

If you are a student or a senior, or entitled to concessional travel, they will give you a discount on your German rail pass, giving you even better value for money. Traveling in Germany is far easier than it used to be, especially for those who don’t know how to speak German. All of the tickets you need can be booked through the Internet on pages written in English. With a German rail pass you can expect one of the highlights from your visit to Germany.

German High Speed Maglev Train

German Rail Pass


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