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Experience The Great Diversity Of Europe Winter Travel

Europe winter travel doesn’t have to be ordinary. You may be inclined to associate this idea in your mind with images of deep snow and ski resorts, but there is much more to Europe winter travel than that. Yes, it’s true that the more northerly regions of the European continent do experience bitterly cold winters, and the spectacular and breathtaking mountain ranges, from the Pyrenees of France, across through Switzerland to the alps above Italty and into Austria, contain some of the best skiing in the world … but in the southern coastal regions you will find mild temperatures and sunshine. Unfortunately the United Kingdom is more noted for its rain, than snow, during winter due to the winter temperatures being determined by the Gulf stream.

If you are interested in traveling to Europe in winter, step one would be to decide exactly what you want out of it. Europe winter travel offers the chance to soak up the fascinating history of the continent at a time of year when it isn’t so crowded, although the more popular tourist attractions will attract many tourists all year round. If you happen to live in the north American continent where, as the song goes, “winter in America is cold” Europe winter travel can also give you some welcome relief from it. You may have traditionally journeyed south to California or Florida for the winter, but did you know you can find the same relief from the harsh north American winter and at the same time, experience something new and interesting if you look towards southern Europe instead?

Take the Canary Islands for example. They are officially part of Spain but geographically are closer to Africa than the European mainland and the Europeans themselves look to it as a popular retreat when wanting to escape the freezing winter. Mediterranean temperatures are mild and remain remarkably consistent throughout the winter, rarely falling below twenty degrees Celsius. On the other hand, many people will also be going in the opposite direction because they like the snow for the skiing and other winter sports which the Alps are noted for. One of the great things about travelling Europe in winter is, that if you plan your trip well, you can see several countries at very short distance, and some great skiing as well.

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Europe Winter Travel and European Transport Systems

Traveling throughout Europe is much less difficult than it once was, and they have designed the transport system to accommodate the severe winter conditions of continental Europe. Ironically, it is in Great Britain where the snow causes the greatest disruption. Because there is relatively little of it, the railway companies and the British government have not invested in the protection and snow clearance systems which other countries have had to do. British railways are regularly disrupted by mild snowfalls which would not even trouble a Swiss or Austrian railway.

If you are planning a trip to the Alps to view the spectacular scenery and perhaps participate in some winter sports, you should not find travel services to be a problem. Visitors from overseas can also but Euro rail passes which greatly simplify the problem of getting from one place to another. The language barrier will not be a problem in most places. In Switzerland, even the natives speak three different languages, so English is very widely spoken. Now that the logistics have been greatly simplified, there has never been a better time for Europe winter travel.

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