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Europe teen travel is one of the best experiences you can give to your active teen. There can be little doubt that teens will always want to travel with their own peers as opposed to traveling with older people. Teens have a tendency to take more to their peers in terms of fun. This has led to many travel companies designing packages for them that would see to it that they get the best out of any trip they make.

There are also family perks that can be used by families traveling with those above 12 years. These packages are designed for the whole family but with a particular interest for the teenagers. The parents tag along but also get to enjoy the package. Europe has been known to provide some of the best opportunities for teens and adults when it comes to great tourist destinations. What are some of the opportunities and packages available for Europe teen travel?

West Coast Connection Active Teen Excursions and tours

europe teen travelThis outfit offers a great range of teen travel and tour that fuse art, education and fun in one trip. Their favorite destination is Europe. They also offer packages for other age groups other than teens. They have five categories that are the hallmark of their company. These include teen tours, global adventures, on tour selections and language programs.

The trips will go for as little as 14 to as many as 30 days giving ample time to enjoy the offers and the destinations. Their packages include recreation, breakfast and dinner, entertainment, taxes and tips. Lunches are optional since they are not included in the meals package. The most visited destinations in Europe by West Coast Connection are Paris, London, Venice, Rome, Pisa, Sorrento, Pompeii and Florence. Their rates will hit an approximate $7,999 per head.

Bold Earth Excursions

europe teen travelThis is an outfit hat is specially designed for teens. They specialize in summer camps and travel tours around Europe and the world. Their outlook is towards development of skills and interest through experiences for the teens. They have six outstanding European travel packages for teens which include the best destinations in Europe. These include England, Greece, Spain, Amsterdam, France, Italy and Switzerland.

They have packaged accommodation, transportation meals, insurance and all other important aspects of travel. They have perks for air travel insurance if one is interested in the same. These packages can be applied for online. They have a particular interest on the enthusiasm and excitement of the young ones for them to be approved. The multi-week program has up to about 16 teens at a time providing for diversity with at least 3 adult guides for supervision and direction.

Teen Treks, Biking Trips and Travel

This outfit particularly targets biking trips around Europe. For the lovers of biking while sightseeing, it is a perfect getaway. The trips will see the young lads through London to Paris, through France, Belgium, and Holland and all the way to London again. These tours have some highlights to look forward to including London, Paris, Amsterdam and Cambridge among many other stops. The trips will cost around $ 5, 095 per teen with accommodation, meals, snacks, camping equipment and transportation available. The tour guides and support come with the package for the teens.

europe teen travelAcademic Treks Travels

This offers educational camps during the summer for students. They are equipped for trips all around the world and especially Europe. They have packages that target learning French during ban excursion. Their 26 day exploration package for Europe teen travel will see stays in Paris, Amboise, Chamonix and other spots in the French Coastal region.

The excursions have a beautiful blend of cultural and architectural stops and cuisines to die for. The trip is a French immersion designed getaway that seeks to teach the language with the experience of the everyday people in France. Their package also includes meals, accommodation, transportation and entry fees going for about $6280 per head. The excursion can be applied for online or through Lesley University with a three-credit value.

Choosing a Good Europe Teen Travel Company

There are many companies online offering these services. It is wise to pick a good company for your child. This will be dependent on their track record and destination. The best companies also come with a referral. This will ensure that your teen is safe and is doing the right thing during the holiday. These companies need to have a good program and a good timetable that will let you know where your kid is almost all the time. It also allows you to know what they are up to even while they are miles away. These companies also have proper paper work and insurance for your kids. Make sure you get the right details for the company. They should give you the assurance you need for your teen.

Activity Based Holidays

The best holidays for teens are bound to keep them busy and excited without a chance for mischief. Teens need proper motivation and supervision. The best conditions for holidays and teen travel will definitely have packages for the kids. These young ones come with energy and a curiosity that needs to be tapped into for the best results. This should take in mind the interests of the teens. These could be photography, archaeology, sports and art among others.

The best option should be able to highlight what your teens need while providing a great atmosphere for the same. There are those that also enjoy some community work which is a great way to build character during holidays. This can be done efficiently while having fun at the same time. Teens travel options should be able to tailor their programs to fit the needs of the students or the teens during the holiday.

Europe Teen Travel Tips

  • Get a good trip planner by taking time to research on what is available.
  • If travelling alone, get into a program for a chance to meet other teens for diversity.
  • Plan your budget well in advance.
  • Know your destination. This is especially because of legal implications due to age.




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