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Embarking on your holiday vaction using Europe barge travel could very well change the way you think about touring different European countries. Travel on one of these barges ranges from first class, to deluxe and ultra-deluxe. Each mode of travel offers unique accommodations, ambiance and amenities.

Each new day opens with anticipation and discovery as the barge slowly cruises down the calm waters of the major rivers and canals of Europe to reveal different villages, cities and tourist attractions. Every bend of the river opens to new experiences.

These luxury hotels on water present unique countryside views, while passengers relax on the deck with a glass of wine. Every passenger can experience the cuisine, culture and ambience of the country they are visiting.

Prepare to be Pampered on Europe Barge Travel

Most barge travel excursions offer passengers seven days and six nights on the barge of their choice. All accommodations include an ensuite bathroom with the lodging.

On the first night aboard the barge, passengers are treated to a fabulous gourmet meal. All meals are included in the Europe barge travel excursion price. Exquisite wines are served for every lunch and dinner. An open bar waits to serve passengers on nearly every vessel.

Passengers are encouraged to explore the vessel, where they will discover a comfortable salon, a refreshing bar and a spacious dining room. You can also lounge on the topside deck in comfortable lounge chairs and relax around large tables. If you have never seen a captain’s wheelhouse, this will be your chance to do it. Many of the vessels also provide a relaxing spa and for those who like to work out, gym exercise equipment.

When heading ashore, you will benefit from the expert tour guide driving the barge’s vehicle to answer questions and suggest points of interest to explore. You can look forward to exploring fabulous chateaux, world-class vinyards, historic towns, rolling countrysides, historical villages, rare museums, town markets and opulent churches and palaces.

The motto for the captain and crew is “For Your Pleasure”.

The captain of each deluxe barge on a Europe barge travel excursion is a master of the craft. Widely experienced and skilled, the captain can wheel the craft through the most narrow lock and steer the barge to a perfect landing at a port.

The deck hands and housekeepers maintain the craft squeaky clean. Each guide has been chosen for their knowledge of the region and will keep passengers enthralled with exciting local tales. The chef, of course, is French-trained in baking delicious bread and pastries and also cooking dinners that will satisfy the most demanding appetite.

Vessels await boarding passengers interested in a European barge cruise, in France, Italy, Germany, Belgium, Ireland, Scotland, England and the Netherlands. You won’t regret it.

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