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Europe is a most wonderful and diverse continent, rich in history and culture, brimming with breathtaking scenery and an almost never ending list of places of attraction. Our aim is to help you find out everything you need to know  so that your journey is a memorable one.

Think of us as your online tour guide, ready to share with you some of the secrets that every European traveler should know about. Whether you’re a backpacker or traveling first class, there will be something for everyone here. Perhaps you’re not familiar with how good the European rail system has become and what a great way it is to get around? Or maybe you prefer to rent your own car and discover those less popular places that will nevertheless be perfect memories for you? Or maybe you prefer bus travel? Whatever your passion, we’re here to help you with information so that your European travel experience will be a smooth one.

To plan your European vacation effectively, you want comprehensive information on each country you plan to visit. Here at European Travel Escape we will explore each nation in depth, from the Straits of Gibralta across the Pyrenees, around the Alps of Italy and Austria, across the Rhine into Germany or along the Danube to Eastern Europe and even as far as Moscow. Places to stay, attractions to see, summer or winter activities, travel deals, packages and tips for getting the most out of your travel experience.

Wherever you want to go, we will travel Europe alongside you and encourage your contributions and feedback so that you can share your own experiences for the benefit of other travelers and learn from theirs.

So let’s begin. Where would you like to start?

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1. Rail Travel Europe
The good news is that rail travel in Europe is easier now than it has ever been, although it is still not as trouble free as travel within a unified area should be.

2. Europe Travel Guide
A European travel guide can help you plan your trip of a lifetime and help you to find the cheapest prices on travel, accommodation and other activities for your trip.

3. France Travel Guide
Why a Travel Guide for France? Here’s the thing – outside the major cities, travel in France becomes another matter altogether. A noticeable difference in the quality …

4. Travel Austria
Although an expensive destination for travel, Austria has so much going for it.

5. Europe Travel Packages
The big advantage with European travel packages is that they can lower the overall cost of your trip. It is also a big timer saver when it comes to planning.

6. River Cruises in Europe
River cruises throughout Europe are an exciting and unique experience which you don’t want to miss when vacationing in Europe. Everyone should try this out at least once in their lifetime.

7. Facts About Europe

8. Travel Insurance Europe
Emergencies can crop up anytime, anywhere, and this is why a good European travel insurance plan should be an essential part of your trip planning.

9. Travel Europe Cheap
How to travel Europe cheaply – once you arrive. A good start would be to decide which routes your journey will take you on, well in advance.


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